Mobile technology is ever-changing, and is currently into a fourth generation, referred to as “4G”. Each generation adds speed, features, and applications to the one before it. Improvements are made to keep up with demands for more functions and better quality from consumers. There are definite benefits to upgrading if work needs demand clearer calls or video conference calls from a mobile workforce, or if information has to be downloaded faster for safety or security reasons. Some professions and tasks require better response times, more features, and faster speeds, but many do not.

Most people just learn all the features, capabilities, and commands for their cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets before a new system, phone, or network comes along. Plans are a bit more expensive with every improvement or change, even with great deals for upgrading. The 4G network is faster, but faster by five to seven percent.

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Is there anything done on the current network that absolutely has to be done seven times faster? That is the question customers should be asking before paying a higher cost, trading in their phones, or signing yet another contract. If a faster phone with better response time and clearer quality is something needed or wanted, then it is worth it to get the newest best thing. If none of that is needed, it is not necessary to upgrade. Customers do have a choice.

If switching is desired, now is the time to do it because holiday season and year-end savings are being offered. One of the largest mobile network operators in the United Kingdom (UK), is offering ee deals on all devices and plans that connect to the 4G network. All services are not available everywhere, but EE has approximately 94 percent of the UK population covered. It also has coverage in over a dozen airports, and offers free roaming for EE “Extra” customers. Plans include new mobile devices, a variety of options for minutes, texts and data storage, and payment plans to suit any budget. Most companies have annual contracts, monthly plans, and pay-as-you-go options. Monthly plans are easier to budget, but annual plans are most cost-effective overall.

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